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Premier Ag

Premier Ag LLC is a locally owned and operated business in south central South Dakota. Providing customized feed rations delivered to your farm/ranch. A Purina Dealer serving to distribute the best products to our customers at competitive prices.

Your Local Purina Feeds Representative

July 8, 2024


My name is Avery Davis, and I am your local Purina Feeds Representative. I work with the Vince and Lenna Thieman family who have taken ownership of the local feed store in Colome, SD. Services that I can provide to your cattle operation include: Nutrition Consulting, Ration Development, Forage Testing for Rations, Product Selection, and Livestock Body Condition Evaluation.

The Thieman Family have named the new store Premier Ag. Premier Ag is a certified Purina Feeds Dealer and can provide many products and services to your operation. Many ranchers don’t realize all of the products that Purina offers. Premier Ag can provide you the following products,

  • Mineral Supplements (Bagged Wind and Rain, Wind and Rain Tubs 225#)
  • Baby Calf Starter Feeds, Milk Replacer, Creep Feed, Calf Grower Feeds, Feedlot Supplements, Liquid Supplements, Cattle Cake, Protein Tubs
  • Commodity Feeds (Corn, Oats, Soybean Meal, DDGS, etc.)
  • Mixed Feed Rations
  • Other Animal/Livestock Feeds (Sheep, Goat, Horse, Rabbit, Dog, Cat, Pheasant, Chickens, Pigs, etc.)
  • Feed Additives (Aureomycin, Corid, Safeguard, Altosid, Clarifly, MGA, EDDI, Mag Oxide)
  • Feed Delivery (Bulk Delivery, Bulk Feed Ag Tote fill, Bagged Feed Delivery)
  • Net Wrap/Twine (Cortesi Grand Harvest 64”, 67”, Plastic Twine)
  • Creep Feeder Rentals, Liquid Feed Lick Wheel Tank Rentals
  • Salt (Fine, C-Fine, Blocks, Cobalt)


Premier Ag would like to invite you to take a look at our products and services. We want to thank our customers for their valued business and hope to work with you in the future!!

Avery Davis
Purina Livestock Production Specialist
(605) 610-7721