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Premier Ag

Are your cows lacking protein? Or maybe you just turned them out to corn stalks and they are needing a little boost.

Our 30-13 protein tubs allow cattle to consume the protein they need while also maintaining their consumption.

Your ag needs is our #1 priority so call us at 605-842-3619 or stop in to order your tubs.

Premier Ag Team

Owners: Vince and Lenna Thieman

Manager: Holden Thieman

Assistant Manager: Bob Gnirk

Service Specialist: Kenny Jorgensen

Livestock Production Specialist: Avery Davis

Office Manager: Darcy Assman 

Contact Information

Premier Ag
200 East Highway 18
PO Box 316
Colome, SD 57528

phone: 605-842-3619
fax: 605-842-0456

Premier Ag LLC is a locally owned and operated business in south central South Dakota. Providing customized feed rations delivered to your farm/ranch. A Purina Dealer serving to distribute the best products to our customers at competitive prices.

In like a lamb.. out like a lion..

March is gone and as we roll into April, we finally get back to spring.

Calves are hitting the ground and overall, most producers in our area have had a fantastic start to calving season with the warmer drier weather we have been getting. With calving in full swing don’t forget to get stocked up on our CS RANGE mineral with Availa 4, XPC, and Rumensin to support your calf health and improve efficiency of your cattle today!

Did you know that Premier Ag can get Land O Lakes Milk Replacer, Colostrum Replacer, and Electrolyte supplements?? We can get many of these milk items in individual packages or in larger quantities at lower cost! Land O Lakes is an industry leader in milk products and calf starter feeds.

New this year are the updated blue bags for select bagged Availa 4 mineral. Why the blue bags? Zinpro Performance Minerals promotes using Availa 4 organic “chelated” trace mineral at the full rate of 7 grams/hd/day. Purina negotiated with Zinpro to be the ONLY supplier in the marketplace to offer the “Certified Full Rate of Availa 4 at 7 grams/hd/day.” To let customers know we are the only company why can guarantee the full rate of Availa 4, Purina came out with the new blue bags with certification stamp for most Wind and Rain Availa 4 Mineral bags.

Spring Booking for your mineral ENDS MAY 3rd, 2024

HURRY in and get your summer mineral booked for the BEST price offered this year!

Premier Ag Annual Customer Appreciation Supper

Premier Ag wants to invite all our patrons to come to our Annual Customer Appreciation Supper coming up on April 23rd, 2024. This is an informal appreciation supper for everyone as a thank you for being a loyal customer. Supper time and food served will be posted closer to the event date. Bring a friend or neighbor that does not currently use our products and receive a special discount on any of our livestock products!!!!

Products & Services

Customized Feed Mixes Delivered to You — Combinations of Ingredients Mixed to Your Specifications.

Consult with a Purina Nutritionist to discuss your livestock feed needs.

Feed Greatness
  • Bulk Feeds
  • Bagged Feed
  • Specialty Feed
  • Creep Feed
  • Creep Feeders
  • Salt
  • Mineral
  • Milk Replacer
  • DDG
  • Corn—Whole, Rolled, Cracked
  • Oats
  • Grain Bank/Storage